Burgos, Origen de la Lengua Española!



Project OLE is a Spanish language program based in the city of Burgos, Spain that provides authentic immersive experiences of Spanish culture, language, and way of life. By Integrating and connecting with the culture of the Spanish heartland, students will discover a natural way of learning its language.


Burgos: The magical birthplace of the Spanish Language

Burgos, the capital city of the Castillian province where the Spanish language was born in the 9th century, is the fitting home to Project OLE.

Today Spanish is considered the world’s second mother tongue with 580 million speakers.

A city of 200,000 people, Burgos is home to many prestigious monuments and contains a fascinating history and culture that includes three World Heritage sites. It’s location in northern Spain makes it easy to visit other outstanding destinations such as Madrid, La Rioja, Santander and Bilbao.


Authentic, Practical, Fun LEARNING.

Project OLE provides a practical approach to learning Spanish by supplementing traditional classroom time with life experiences.

The program involves two hours of daily in-class learning at the Language Institute of Castilla y León, but it also includes excursions to larger nearby cities, as well as to coastal towns with beautiful beaches, and bodegas of world renowned wine.

Other program elements include interactive cooking classes of traditional Spanish cuisine and simple outings for “tapas,” an integral part of Spanish society. Project OLE strives for every occasion to provide interaction with native Spanish speakers.